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Doctors Who Prescribe Nicotine For Vaping
The number of GPs in Australia who are known to prescribe nicotine for vaping purposes to smokers who are trying to quit is very limited. They are far and few between, but they are out there. But first things first. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor to see whether or not they will write you a prescription for nicotine. There’s a chance that the GP you normally see may be able to assist you in obtaining your prescription. If not, schedule an appointment with one of the doctors that we’ll tell you about below.
First off, you are not guaranteed to receive a nicotine prescription. Let’s just get that cleared up right now. However, if a doctor determines based on their assessment of your situation that you are a candidate for vaping nicotine then there is a chance that you will receive a prescription for nicotine so that you can vape with nicotine.

To find a doctor that can help, consult this list of doctors.

If you are close to any of the doctors on that list, you may consider scheduling an in-person appointment. If none of them is close to you, you can always use telemedicine to receive a consultation remotely through video conferencing or through the phone.
The list we’ve linked to is maintained and hosted by ATHRA, the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association.
Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining A Nicotine Prescription
Here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring a prescription for nicotine to simplify the process for those who are seeking a prescription so that they can switch from smoking to vaping:
1. Consult your family doctor
2. See a doctor on ATHRA’s list if yours is unable to help
3. Receive a nicotine prescription if the doctor finds it appropriate

What To Expect At Your Doctor Appointment
When scheduling an appointment with a GP, you can expect to be asked questions about your smoking habits. The doctor you see will assess your suitability for vaping nicotine. It is likely that you will be asked a variety of questions related to not only your smoking habits but also your health. Be prepared to answer any questions that arise truthfully, as they will help the doctor properly assess your suitability for vaping nicotine.
If you have already tried other smoking cessations such as nicotine patches and gum, you may well be a suitable candidate to try vaping. It’s worth noting that while vaping has helped many smokers in Australia and elsewhere in the world quit smoking, it does not work for everyone.