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Highlights from the AEON Hookah - Edition 4 - Lounge:
Purging of smoke is done through 5 top holes which looks absolutely amazing
Minimalist design featuring a hose connection with cut (quick-connect of silicone hoses)
Few components, perfect for hookah lounges and as a daily
Easy and fast cleaning
Closed-chamber system
Smoke stem is attached directly to the downstream for a one-piece design
Smoke stem consists of one part and the shisha can be carried safely
Made in Germany V2A stainless steel components
Coarse thread, therefore very tight and fast on and off
Low water consumption in the bowl, especially economical for daily shisha bar operation
18/8 cut connection at the top of the smoke column for a quick head change with ash plate attached
Easy connection of molasses catchers

1 x vase
1 x downstem
1 x coarse thread (one turn)
1 x base with 2 holes (closed chamber) and 29/2 cut (stem slides in which also allows placement of glass stems)
1 x hose end with cut adapter
1 x purge cap in the base
1 x smoke stem with 18/8 cut
1 x ash plate (22cm diameter, V2A stainless steel, brushed)
1 x head adapter
1 x 18/8 cut to M16x1 adapter
1 x glass purge ball 6mm

Made in Germany

V2A Stainless Steel
Height: ~51cm
Diameter ash plate: 22cm
Inner diameter of smoke stem: 11mm


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