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The Galactic Steel S impresses with its extraterrestrial design. The imaginative colouring of the acrylic shell of the stem takes you on a journey through the mists of the Milky Way. The design is rounded off by the timeless elegance of the stainless steel in combination with a perfectly shaped, distinctive vase. Bring the colours of the Galaxy into your living room with the Amy Deluxe® Galactic Steel S!


The Galactic Steel S also has a powerful 360 degrees sideways purge system which creates an impressive blow-off effect. 


Height: 55 cm


The delivery of this Shisha includes:


Stone head with hot screen

Stainless steel stem with an acrylic shell

Glass vase

Click system closure between stem and vase

1 hose connection

Closed chamber system (read below)

Silicone hose with aluminium mouthpiece

Ash-plate, charcoal tongs

Unscrew-able diffuser (ensures a significant noise reduction when smoking)

Closed chamber system: The closed chamber system offers two advantages. On the one hand, stale / scratchy smoke can be expelled from the vase with one blow. The smoke can easily be blown out through the purge channels, which point directly downwards. With conventional hookahs, this requires significantly more effort, and more smoke stays in the vase!


In addition, a closed chamber system improves overall smoking behavior. Smoking behaviour depends on a number of different factors, such as inside diameter of the connections, air volume of the hookah etc. In contrast to a conventional hookah, the closed system offers a smaller air volume. This improves the draw of the hookah, which makes it easier to pull and feel more direct.


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