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✓ PERFECT COMPOSITION - The AO tube set carbon contains a high-quality soft-touch tube, an ingenious carbon mouthpiece as well as a tube connection with 18/8 cut and a tube spring.

✓ SOFT TOUCH SURFACE - The matt surface of the hose looks cool, is easy to clean and does not have a magnetic effect on dust.

✓ ULTRALIGHT - With less than 80g the mouthpiece rests like a feather in your hand and your hand is guaranteed not to be heavy, no matter how long the smoking session lasts.

✓ PERFECT FOR HYGIENE MOUTHPIECES - Standard hygiene mouthpieces can simply be inserted into the end of the mouthpiece.

✓ BREAK-RESISTANT & DURABLE - Even falls from a great height survive the mouthpiece undamaged. The two ends made of stainless steel are rustproof and ensure even more stability and durability.

The Non Sticky Technology (NST), which is used at the hose connection and the mouthpiece end, enables easy attachment and detachment of the silicone hose. The recesses provided there give the hose additional hold and prevent annoying sticking.