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This design Shisha comes with 4 hose ports and has all necessary adapter included to hook up silicon hoses and/or normal hoses (adapters will be available at a later stage to hook up more hoses). There are also no grommets needed due to perfect, airtight design. You will not need a hose connector to connect a silicone hose.

The lower stem comes with a diffusor for minimal noise and better smoke channelling.

Every single part of this Shisha can be dismantled. The stem has an integrated cut adapter so you can easily connect molasses catchers.

Note: For modern Shishas like this one, the unoccupied hose ports also act as purge valves. You do not NEED to smoke with multiple people to use this Hookah due to this modern auto-seal function. To smoke alone remove the valve ball from your hose port - you can now purge as usual. To smoke with multiple people leave the valve ball in all hose ports.

Height: 66cm
Material: V2A Stainless Steel
Hose ports: 4 (also includes 2 blind caps and 1 purge cap in case you want to set it up as a 1-hose Shisha for looks)
System: Srew

No hose or tobacco head included.


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