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Dschinni Baba Crystal Set


The Dschinni Baba Iron is the new stainless steel hookah from the house of Smokers Empire. Depending on the model, the metallparts of the hookah are made of V2A stainless steel i.e. base, hose adapter, hookah shaft, bowlstem etc.

Weight 4486 g
Height 869 mm
Borosilicate glass 3.3

Stainless Steel V2A
Glass Colour Red
Stainless Steel Colour
Product Scope
1x Baba Bowl
1x Baba Thread Coarse Thread
1x Baba Dip Tube
1x Baba Diffusor
1x Baba Base with 4 Connection 18.8
4x Baba Hose Adapter 18.8
1x Baba Base Adapter 2.0 Bottom: Thread, Top: 29.2
1x Baba Shaft Bottom: 29.2, Top: 24.4
1x Baba Bowlstem Bottom: 24.4
1x Baba Trey
Additional Information
The hose adapters dont need any hose grommets, because they are connected with a 18.8 cut.
The Bowlstem consists of two parts, which can get screw to each other, to use Bowls with different connecting sizes.
The Dip Tube has a removable Diffusor, which can be used by intrest.
All Glasparts are partly heat resistant and are not resistant for strong temperature shocks.


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