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Score the best in the game with the Gatorbeug 3.0! Recognized as the planet's premier sports bong, it masterfully merges the world of athletic refreshment with premium smoking finesse.


Features That Set It Apart:


Iconic Design: A meticulous glass replica of everyone's favourite sports drink, this bong isn't just functional—it's a conversation starter.


Perfect Fit: Experience comfort with the same mouth dimensions as the original plastic bottle, ensuring every pull feels familiar and just right.


Side-Back Shotty: Strategically positioned for easy handling and optimized airflow, enhancing your smoking experience.


Garden Hose Aesthetics: Dive into nostalgia with the garden hose style glass downstem, paired perfectly with a matching glass bowl (cone piece).


Craftsmanship Evolution: Years of customer feedback and design tweaks have culminated in the Gatorbeug 3.0, which we proudly present as the pinnacle of Aussie smoking devices.


Secure Packaging: Your prized bong arrives in a snug foam-fitted box, ensuring maximum protection during shipping and convenient storage afterwards.


Dimensions: 120 × 120 × 230 mm


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