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Here comes the first Geekvape DNA 100C pod mod! With Geekvape Z100C DNA Kit in hands, perfect flavor never ends. DNA 100C Chip, a flavor DIY master with Boost & Replay. Form-switchable 100W mod with 3A Type-C charging. New P0.15 XM coils with innovative mesh design, stronger, more robust and last 2 times longer than ordinary coils.

Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod Mod Kit oozes intelligence, incredible vapour flavour, huge vape clouds and satisfying direct-lung (DL) vaping! The Geek Vape Z100C Mod’s DNA 100C Chip keeps your vaping versatile with customisable settings and easy menu navigation, while its 100W and compatibility with 18650 or 21700 batteries keeps you vaping at high-wattage for longer. Add to that the decently-sized 5mL Z100C Pod with its big 810 removeable drip tip, flavoursome P Series Coils, top adjustable airflow and convenient side fill and you have yourself a cloud-chasing pod mod with a DNA chip – the first of its kind.



Get it? DNA as in genetic and also DNA as in its DNA Chip? Ha ha! We love puns. Moving on…


The DNA 100C Chip has the same capabilities as the number of other Geek Vape mods that feature it (if it ain’t broke…). You can customise the heck out of your Geek Vape Z100C DNA Mod with the DNA Chip’s ability to upgrade software via Evolv Escribe Software, accurately adjust your temperature, change what settings your home screen displays and so much more! Needless to say, the DNA 100C Chip is the hero of this vapouriser. If this tickles your vaping fancy, check out the other Geek Vape Z100C Mod features:


100W – enough guts to power all Geek Vape P Series Coils and almost all other coils on the market if you choose to use the mod with other tanks.

510 Adapter – it’s how you convert your Z100C DNA Mod from a pod mod to a regular mod that you can use with practically any vape tank since it has a 30mm diameter.

Replay Mode – lets you save your best draw experience so that the Z100C Mod can deliver the exact same puff, every single time. It will do this by adjusting the power, resistance and even wattage output of your coil so you can experience the identical draw you saved!

Boost Mode – ensures you get a boost of power at the beginning of your draw for warmer, quicker, larger vape clouds.

3A fast charge – charges in under an hour when connected to a port that can output 3A (like your MacBook, for example).

Simple menu navigation – the separate menu select button in between your up/down buttons makes it easy to scroll through and select settings in your menu.

Dual battery compatibility – use a 21700 or an 18650 battery (with included 18650 adapter) in your Geek Vape Z100C Mod, making it easy to also use batteries you have from other devices. You can charge your batteries with an external battery charger and carry spare batteries with you in a battery storage case for safety.

Solid build quality – you can’t doubt how well the Z100C Pod Mod is built when you experience how solid it feels in your hand. While it’s not the smallest pod kit to vape with, it’s relatively comfortable to hold; like you’re holding a dumbbell without the weight.


You can’t have high-wattage vaping without having a decently-sized tank or pod to vape with. So, logically, the Geek Vape Z100C Pod has a decent 5mL e-liquid capacity so that you’re not refilling every five minutes. Great vape power also needs more intelligent features which the Z100C Pod delivers:


Incredible flavour – the Geek Vape P Series Coils are just vapour flavour machines, ensuring you taste every drop of goodness from your favourite e-juice. Their kanthal cores, physically large coils and low resistance are just some of the features that make this possible.

Adjustable airflow – the Z100C Pod has its own airflow control ring which is not very common among pod mod vape kits since it's usually on the vape mod! The second step of your three-tiered PCTG pod allows you to adjust the air intake for your perfect draw AND being a top-airflow pod means there’s less chance of leakage. By the way, there’s enough airflow here to please the biggest of cloud-chasers!

Side fill – more convenience! No need to remove your pod from the Z100C Mod to fill with vape juice. Simply open the rubber plug to reveal your fill port on the side of the pod and go for gold.

810 drip tip – a removeable, wide 810 drip tip is the corner stone of the pyramid-like Geek Vape Z100C Replaceable Pod. It allows you to inhale huge amounts of vapour when DL vaping and remove to clean or replace if needed.

Magnetised connection – you do not have to worry about your Z100C Pod accidentally coming off in your pocket when carrying (while turned off with five clicks of the fire button) because this thing is secure AS once installed.

Simple coil change – pull out the old coil and plug in the new coil easily from the bottom of the pod. Make sure the new coil is primed… See ‘please note’ section below.

High-wattage, warm, DL vaping – the compatible low-resistance P Series Coils are built for satisfying, high-wattage vaping. That combined with the 810 drip tip and immense air intake make the Z100C Pod Mod suited to DL vaping, where you inhale vapour directly to your lungs; essentially taking a big breath in through your vapouriser that you can slightly restrict via the adjustable airflow ring.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, where you take a restricted draw, hold it in your mouth, then inhale to your lungs, will not be suited to the Z100C Pod as it usually requires more restricted airflow and lower wattage. However, you can use your included 510 Adapter, turn the Z100C Mod in to a regular mod that you can attach an MTL tank to and MTL vape that way.

Please note:


P Series Coils will not work well with Replay Mode as they have a kanthal core. Don’t worry though! Replay Mode works best with stainless steel core coils which you can get by using the 510 Adapter and attaching a tank that’s compatible with these type of coils.

Remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops (maybe more than a few in the large P Series Coils) of e-juice in the coil cotton before installing to saturate and avoid getting dry hits.

We don't recommend this kit, as is, for beginner vapers or those who prefer MTL vaping. You will need an MTL vape tank to attach to the Z100C Mod in order to vape this way.


Dimensions: 129.6 x 39.09 x 33.09mm

5mL vapour e-juice capacity

Material: zinc-alloy

Battery compatibility: 21700 or 18650 (not included)

Wattage output range: 1-100W

Voltage output range: up to 9V

Max power: 100W

Screen: 0.96 inch colour display

Coil: mesh kanthal – Geek Vape P Series Coils

Weight: 132 grams without battery

Coil resistance: 0.15 ohm, 0.4 ohm

Charging: Type-C USB port

Charging current: 5V/3A

Refill method: side fill

Airflow: adjustable top airflow on the pod


Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod Mod

Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod (5mL)

0.15 ohm P Series Mesh Coil, 70-85W (pre-installed)

0.4 ohm P Series Mesh Coil, 50-60W

Coil tool

Type-C USB charging cable

18650 battery adapter