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OFT E-Juice by Glas Basix

Another award-winning classic from the Badge Collection makes a return in BSX Series form. O.F.T is a mouthwatering blend of ripe and juicy slices of watermelon infused with old fashion salt water taffy and hints of strawberry. This sweet and savory classic is sure to make you come back for more.  

Glas Basix remains one of the most popular and prestigious e-juice crafters in the industry today. From their delicious desserts to their candy confections to their authentic tobacco blends, every offering this renowned company creates is absolutely flawless. They have created quite a buzz with the re-release of one of their most legendary flavors—OFT. This intoxicating blend has won countless awards and continues to be a fan favorite to this very day.


OFT E-Juice by Glas Basix delivers an explosion of delicious taste that will blow you away with every puff. This delight very precisely delivers the mouthwatering taste of sweet watermelon and strawberry taffy candy, ensuring a flavorful vaping experience you’ll never get enough of.


If you are a fan of candy-inspired vape juices, OFT by Glas Basix should be at the very top of your list.


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