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RUSSIAN SHISHA PANDA high quality and luxurious design.

The Panda Hookah has, as the name suggests, the focus of the Panda in design. This is reflected in many details, which makes the shisha a real eye-catcher. The whole thing is made like most of products in Russia. Over time, a large fan base of Panda Hookah has developed, which only shows that the shisha also scores in quality.

Base and material
The hookah is made of stainless steel and is decorated with a polyethylene jacket in different patterns. It is also engraved in the base panda. The base of the hookah is inserted into a plug-in bowl with a bowl seal, which is typical for a Russian hookah. This has the advantage that the bowl can be easily replaced if it should break or if you simply prefer a different color or shape.

Smoke column and blow-out valve
The shisha is not only characterized by the beautiful designs that are possible through the polyethylene, but also through the blow-out system, which was embedded in the base. The whole thing becomes the next highlight of the shisha due to the engraved panda and differs from the other Russian shisha that are known. By blowing out the smoke, the blow-out system is "pushed out" of the base and the smoke can escape through the many holes on the side.

Charcoal plate
The coal plate is one of the most interesting details of the shisha, because with every batch there are new designs that are engraved in the coal plate. It ranges from a panda in space to a panda that was shown in great detail with a motorcycle.

Finally, there is the diffuser, wwohich is indirectly adjustable. It is made of polyethylene and is color-matched to the smoke column. The bubbling is very quiet due to the quite large number of holes, which is very advantageous for shisha smokers who like it a little quieter. You also get a craft plug-in bowl in a teardrop shape, which has a somewhat special shape than the usual bowls.

Box Includes:
Panda Hookah
Charcoal plate
Head adapter
Smoke column (2 parts)
Hose adapter (plug-in)
Dip tube
Glass bowl


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