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Uwell's Caliburn A2 e-liquid check window is a big leap in the Caliburn pod system, because it makes the e-liquid check an easy thing. Vapers no need to pull out the cartridge to check the left e-liquid again and again, and no more coil dry burning because of forgetting to refill e-juice. At the same time, the e-liquid check window not only brings convenience but also brings an improved look overall. Uwell's exclusive flavor adjusting tech, brings you authentic flavor to the greatest extent.

Conspicuous to check e-liquid level, avoiding coil burning, perfect reminder to top-up your juice.

Uncap the cartridge with one hand, convenient and clean experience for vapers.

UWELL designs better lip-fitting drip tip for vapers, especially for MTL vapers. To give vapers a better drawing experience, UWELL has never stopped her steps. With this design, vapor won’t drift away from the mouth, reach vapers’ biggest satisfaction. Outlined for better lip fitting, shaped for MTL vaping.

Two ways to vape, more choices for you. Fire button is aligned with the body, no more mis-trigging.

For better grip, Uwell strictly using ergonomic design for the device, smoothing and polishing, hold it like holding your precious.

To have a 90% charged battery it only takes 35 mins. Fast as.

Uwell is always mindful about condensation, we aim for no mess, no dirty, pleasure vaping experience.

The A and G series, while belonging to the same Caliburn series, differ to some extent. First, there's the division of products:

The Caliburn A series includes:

Caliburn A2
Caliburn KOKO
The Caliburn G series includes:
Caliburn G
Caliburn KOKO Prime
Second, there's the naming of the product

Caliburn A series: Alpha (α) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which has the meaning of the first, the beginning. Caliburn was UWELL's first pod product and created an industry legend upon its launch. The characteristics of the A series are: 1. basic; 2. simple styling; 3. easy to use; 4. cost-effective.
Caliburn G series: from the initials of the word Great/Grand. The characteristics of the G series are: 1. flagship; 2. functional; 3. playable; 4. high-end.
Third, in terms of product performance

The A series cartidge is replaceable. When it reaches the end of its service life, the whole pod will be changed; with the G series, you only need to replace the coil.
A series has only one resistance value, allowing the user to have only one output power vaping experience; the G series, currently on the other hand, has two resistance values and allows the user to have multiple output power vaping experiences.
The G series of airflow is adjustable, whereas the A series of airflow is not adjustable.
The G series' battery capacity is higher than the A series'.