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Introducing the XMax Starry 4: The Ultimate Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Discover a new level of excellence in portable dry herb vaping with the latest release from XMax – the XMax Starry 4 vaporizer. Building upon the success of its well-received predecessor, the Starry 3, this upgraded version offers a multitude of enhancements and features. These enhancements make the Starry 4 an outstanding choice for flower vape connoisseurs. Boasting sophistication in design, affordability, and improved functionalities, the XMax Starry 4 is set to become a fan favorite. It is perfect for those seeking style, convenience, and top-notch performance.




XMax Starry 4 Upgrades

The significant upgrades introduced in the XMax Starry 4 make it the clear choice over the Starry 3. One of the most critical upgrades includes adjustable airflow. This feature allows users to personalize their vape experience. The new Starry 4 vape has a more robust ceramic heating oven and was designed to eliminate temp sensor errors. The new heating chamber also ensures consistent and even heating. The enhanced battery cap features a flip design. It addresses breakage issues experienced with previous models and optimizes battery replacement efficiency. The innovative mouthpiece tip makes disassembly and cleaning easier. The creative ceramic airpath provides smoother and more cool vapor output. Multiple session options are available on the starry, including four, six, or ten-minute sessions. Lastly, the updated design reflects modern aesthetics and will make an attractive addition to any stoner’s collection. Furthermore, it comes equipped with Type-C charging port compatibility and a USB-C charging cable. The OLED display rotation functionality makes it highly user-friendly and easy to read from any position.


Read More about the differences between the Starry 3.0 and the Starry 4 below under the Product Details section.


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The XMax Starry 3.0 is a quality & compact vaporizer designed specifically for use with dried herbs. You can use the built-in digital screen to easily view and adjust the heat to your desired temperature. Top features include:


Long-Lasting, 18650 Removable Battery (swap out batteries if you’d like)

Premium grade ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber provide great flavor

Adjustable temperature range from 212-464°F (100-240°C)

Pass-through charging (can charge while in use)

Easy to use, high quality, and budget-friendly make it one of the industry’s best value dry herb vapes.


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