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The 11 Best Ways To Quit Smoking (in Australia)

September 06, 2022

The 11 Best Ways To Quit Smoking (in Australia)

Quitting smoking is essential for better health and a longer life span. Smoking is said to be the leading cause for people to be affected with preventable diseases and death in Australia. If you are trying to quit smoking, well, you are on the right path.

It is better late than never, and there are several ways you could quit smoking and some include the use of nicotine prescriptions in Australia. So, are you looking for ways to quit smoking? Then look no further. Here are the 11 Best ways to quit smoking.

Quitting Smoking In Australia

Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking can be challenging, but it is also necessary. Tobacco smoke contains several thousands of chemicals that can cause cancer and harm any part of your body. If you have smoked for many years and are deciding to quit now, you should know that the body tries to repair on its own when you quit smoking. You will be able to notice the changes gradually but effectively.

It has benefits for both you and your family. Your lungs will function better, and you can enjoy healthier days. There are many other benefits of quitting smoking. The process might be quite tricky, but remember, the benefits are better and can be cherished for your entire life.

How can one quit smoking?

It highly depends on your willpower to quit smoking, the number of days you have been smoking, and other external factors. While some find it easy and quick, other smokers take multiple attempts. The good news is that you have several ways and support to quit smoking.

Avoiding situations that will make you want to smoke is one of the most important aspects of quitting smoking. Discovering new interests is also beneficial. Talk to many friends and family, and make sure you constantly keep yourself occupied. It also helps if you could remind yourself of the benefits of quicking smoking whenever you have the desire to smoke.

Man Breaking Cigarettes

Going Cold turkey

Going cold turkey means stopping smoking suddenly with no external support or help. It takes an immense amount of willpower and strength to do so. In addition, you will have to manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Nevertheless, most smokers try and quit smoking by going cold turkey.

If you try and follow specific methods, going cold turkey could become the quickest way to quit smoking. But remember, it does not work for all smokers. Some of the tips to try going cold turkey include:

  • To prevent situations and opportunities that will drive you to smoke or cause you to have a want to smoke, you need to know your triggers and plan ahead to avoid them.
  • Engage in physical activity such as walking or taking up a new hobby to keep yourself occupied.
  • Seek support from your family and close friends
  • Always focus on the benefits of not smoking and remind yourself of better health.

Slowly cutting down the numbers

Opposite to going cold turkey, this method has you gradually cutting down the number of cigarettes you are smoking. And in the process, you will altogether quit it. If you are not ready to quit right away, but want to quit, you can follow this method. It is not as efficient and effective as quitting it at once, but it is the better option if you can’t quit it entirely. You could start slow and eventually quit smoking.

You can gradually cut it down by following two ways. One, you can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day and gradually cut it down entirely. Two, you can slowly increase the time gap between each cigarette you use. It will help you to progress in the path of quitting smoking. 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Take therapy 

The addictive thing in cigarettes is nicotine. So it is best to get into a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This therapy aims to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and other cravings for smoking. You can consult a doctor and use the NRT therapy under proper guidance for excellent results.

In addition, you can buy NRT gums, inhalers, oral sprays, patches, or tablets from pharmacies with a nicotine prescription from the doctor.

The NRT delivers nicotine into the blood in precise dosages without the harmful toxins found in cigarette smoke. This therapy will help you manage and control your cravings to smoke and help you deal effectively with withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, some nicotine gums and patches are available for eligible Australians at a reduced price through a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) plan. Talk to your doctors and see which kind of NRT will prove beneficial for you.

Use prescribed medicines 

There are some prescribed medicines you can use other than nicotine replacement therapy. Most of these prescription medicines are also available through PBS at reduced rates. However, it is always wise to talk to your doctor and identify the best medicine for your smoking behavior, pattern, and body condition.

Women Breaking or Quitting Cigarettes

Seek professional support and counseling

Getting professional support will help you in quitting smoking. It will be the right form of guidance you need. From support groups and personal counseling to several services, there is much professional support offered. You could speak to someone trusted, know what and how fellow smokers deal or dealt with quitting smoking and get the therapy you need to manage your cravings. 

When you seek psychological support, you might use practices like meditation and mindfulness or include therapies like cognitive behavior therapy. Such counselings help you deal with your triggers and cravings. With technological advancements, you can also have counseling and chat services online.

Alternative ways to quit smoking

There are many alternative ways to quit smoking, and several smokers try those methods. For example, it could be acupuncture or hypnotherapy; they help you in trying to quit smoking. But there are also several other alternative ways like shifting to lower nicotine or tag cigarettes which is not advisable.

Stop smoking Breaking Cigarettes


One of the alternative methods besides acupuncture and therapy includes electronic cigarettes. They are called e-cigarettes or vaping. E-cigarettes can be purchased as nicotine-free products in Australia. The sale of nicotine e-cigarettes to someone without a prescription is illegal. So always get a doctor’s prescription.

Although the use of vape kits & mods as well as e-cigarettes is debated a lot on the internet, there are lots of promising evidence to suggest that it helps users gradually get rid of smoking.

Use mobile apps

Like online counseling and chat services, several mobile apps available in the app stores today help you track your nicotine consumption and manage your cravings. In addition, it supports and encourages you to quit smoking. It helps in ways like setting small goals, showing you the money you saved by not smoking, highlighting your progress, and provide with other external support that could help you.

Join support groups and peer support groups

Joining support groups lets you meet and talk to people who help you through this journey. Many of them could be smokers who have successfully quit smoking. Similarly, peer support groups might have fellow smokers trying to quit, and their thoughts and journeys help you handle your smoking habit and quit it.

Dealing with cravings

When you try to quit smoking, it is vital to handle your cravings. Dealing with cravings helps you reduce your smoking habit. There are 4Ds in dealing with cravings. Delay, Deep breaths, Drink water, and Do something.

You delay in acting upon the desire and urge to smoke a cigarette. You can do so by taking deep breaths. You can drink water and do something that keeps you physically and mentally occupied. The 4Ds help you halt the cravings and reduce your reactions to your cravings.

Contact support lines

There are several support services online with whom you can connect. You have support lines whom you could quickly call for counseling, get an online coach, or books and references that help you quit smoking. You can ask your doctor and get professional support line contacts to guide you.

Other Tips To Quit Smoking - Cigarette On Calendar

Other tips for quitting smoking

  • Maintain a plan and keep a quit smoking chart so that you can track your updates and have a realistic goal that you are chasing. It could have a quit date, a reminder of why you want to quit, and other details.
  • You could have a written version of your triggers and how you plan to manage them.
  • Try to reduce stress and give yourself a break.
  • Clean your house and use air fresheners to get rid of the cigarette smoke
  • There might be times you fail, and you cannot quit smoking. But try it multiple times in different ways until you successfully quit. You can also go back to your planner and notes and understand why there was a relapse and how you could avoid it the next time.
  • Try some sports, skating or jogging helps too. If not, you can do mild exercises like walking in your garden, taking your dog for a walk, etc. It will help you in two ways. One, it keeps you moving and diversifies your thoughts. Two, it helps you shed some calories, warding off chances of weight gain as you quit smoking.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. You can also add whole grains and lean protein to your intake.
  • Give yourself rewards when you quit smoking, rewards you will seek and feel satisfied with.
  • Do not go on any diet. Quitting smoking is a process that demands your full cooperation, and if you try to diet, it might create cravings.


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