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Disposable Vapes


Are You Tempted to Try a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes containing nicotine are readily available in convenience stores, tobacconists and other corner shops even though they are illegal. Their attractive packaging and bright colours make them very appealing. Maybe you already use them, and you’re wondering if there’s an alternative that is cheaper, equally convenient and easy to use.

There is! Vaping with a proper pod mod with liquid nicotine with a valid prescription is a much better alternative.

Why Are Disposables Popular?

There are three reasons these disposable cigarettes are popular.
  •  Marketing: They are heavily marketed by the same companies that made analogue cigarettes popular once. Many of these pens are owned by tobacco companies. These companies have the money, influence and experience to know exactly how to market their products.
  •  Convenience: You can’t deny the convenience of these pens. It’s their best quality. When you need one, they’re available at convenience stores, gas stations, and some grocery stores. You can pick up disposable pens and toss them in your pocket or purse. If their availability helps some people stay off regular cigarettes, we're all for it, but we do think there are even better alternatives.
  • Low initial cost: Cheap disposable vape pens seem like a cheap option initially, but as we'll see below the true cost of using disposable vape pens is actually much higher than a good quality re-usable, rechargeable and refillable pod mod.

Here’s Why Disposable Vape Pens Are a Bad Idea:

Overall we think disposable pens are less than ideal not to forget they are an unapproved nicotine vaping product. They don't provide the best vape experience and they’re ultimately more expensive than regular vaping.

Some disposable users say they’re perfectly happy with their nicotine e-cigs. They can get really stubborn about it. They think all vape devices are complicated and expensive.

Once they try an inexpensive, easy-to-use pod mod, however, they realize what they’ve been missing. Everyone who switches from an unapproved nicotine e-cigarette to a real vape is thrilled with the change. Nobody ever goes back to disposables once they’ve had a true vape experience.

The disposables just can’t deliver on the flavour, mouth-to-lung airflow or smoothness of a vape device with a good vape juice.

Relatively Few Disposable Vape Flavours

When you use a vape pen, you are limited to the disposable vape flavours that come in pre-filled cartridges. Most of these brands only come in tobacco, menthol and a handful of other flavours.

When you use a vape device, you can choose from thousands of vape juice brands in every flavour imaginable. You can blend your own flavours or enjoy premium brands. There are no limits on the flavours you can enjoy.

They’re Cheaply Made

Because they’re disposable, these pens don’t last beyond a few uses. They are flimsy, their batteries are small, and their housings are cheap and lightweight. When you compare them to a vape device or a high-quality pod mod, they are not even close.

Even so-called rechargeable e-cigarettes can only be charged a few times. You end up having to replace the battery portion pretty often. That adds up in cost and inconvenience. It also makes this a very wasteful way to vape.

They Pollute More

Disposable e-cigs create a lot more trash than regular vape devices. There are several reasons for this.

After a few uses, the batteries wear out. You have to throw the whole pen away.
You can’t refill the cartridges. You have to throw the used ones away. Since you have to replace the pens, you’re constantly creating more trash from packaging and from used, worn-out devices.

They’re More Expensive

Despite popular belief, it costs more to use a disposable vape pen every day than a pod mod or other vape device.

Let’s use the IGET (600 puffs) as an example. An IGET starter kit costs between $15 and $20. It comes with a built-in pre-filled cartridge (not refillable). If you’re a typical smoker, you will go through at least one IGET in a day and a half.
Other popular disposable brands such as HQD, Vaporlax, Stigs, Helix Bars, Puff Bars, OMNI and Ripe Bars disposable cigarettes cost around $15 to $20 for a non-rechargeable, disposable cigarette that lasts little over a day.

How Do Re-Usable and Refillable Pod Mods Compare?

Compared to that, using a real vape setup is far more affordable. You can buy a high quality, brand name, pod mod for $30-50. Most vape juices have an average cost of $25 for a 60ml and $35 for a 100ml bottle, and these bottles will last a very long time.

With replacement pods, vape juice and other accessories, you might spend $50 to $70 a month on a simple vape device. That’s the cost of about 5 days’ worth of disposables. With your pod mod, you can vape all day and night with a well-made device and premium vape juices in your choice of flavours. It is ultimately much cheaper.


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