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V3 Nano Dry Herb Vaporizer by XMAX combines simplicity with excellence, offering a streamlined design that doesn't compromise on quality. With a swift 30-second heat-up time, you can enjoy your favorite dry herbs almost instantly, thanks to its hybrid heating system that combines convection and conduction. Plus, the 100% independent airflow ensures pure, untainted vapor with every draw.


The XMAX V3 NANO features a silver-plated heating chamber, which enhances efficiency and flavor, creating an exceptional vaping experience. Cleaning is a breeze with its easy-to-maintain glass mouthpiece. You can customize your sessions to perfection with precise temperature control, ranging from 200-220°C (392°F to 428°F). Additionally, the built-in 1000mAh battery provides up to 25 minutes of continuous vaping and recharges in just one hour, ensuring uninterrupted satisfaction.


We're proud to offer the XMAX V3 NANO at an incredible retail price, proving our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers. For XMAX V3 PRO enthusiasts, this vaporizer is designed with you in mind, condensing the excellence of the PRO into a compact, accessible package. Enjoy vaping excellence without complexity. The future of vaping is here, and it's simple, extraordinary, and pocket-friendly.


Please note:


Always turn off your XMAX V3 Nano when carrying in your bag to avoid accidental button presses or firing.

Always fill the chamber when the device is off.

Do not over-pack the filling chamber so there's room for air to get through.

Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with built-in battery devices like the XMAX V3 Nano Vaping Kit.

This device cannot be used with e-liquid.

This kit does not come with dry herb material.

XMAX V3 Nano dry herb vape features & specs

Dimensions: approx. 133.6 x 20.2 x 20.5mm

Temperature range: 200°C - 220°C (392°F - 428°F)

Battery: built-in lithium-polymer - 1000mAh

Charger: Type-C USB charge

Weight: 52g

Sessions Mode: 3-minute sessions

30s pre-heat

Vibration (haptic feedback) notifications

100% isolated airflow

Silver plated heating chamber

Glass mouthpeice

Easy to use and maintain

Battery indications

Package content

XMAX V3 Nano Vapouriser


Type C USB charging cable

4 x Alcohol wipes

3 x Cotton swabs


2 x O-rings

2 x Mesh screens


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