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VMate Cartridge V2 Pods by VooPoo are beginner-friendly pod replacements, designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping with quite a few VooPoo Pod Kits which is cost-effective for you. VooPoo VMate Pods are disposable but refilled with 3mL of vape juice until the built-in 0.7 or 1.2 ohm coil no longer works well. VMate Pod Replacements are also more hygienic with their antibacterial, silver ion body and reflect light to slow the decay of your e-liquid!


Vape with VMate Pods using one of these VooPoo Pod Vape Kits:


VMate Infinity Edition Pod Kit

VMate E Pod Kit

VMate Pod Kit

VThru Pod Kit.

The simple VooPoo VMate V2 Cartridge Pods offer more than the average pod! Keep reading to find out how:


Tested for comfort – VooPoo conducted 128 engineering tests to design the perfect, comfortable, duck-billed mouthpiece.

3mL e-juice capacity – more than the average pod kit so you vape longer between refills.

Disposable – dispose of the entire pod when the built-in coil is worn out (bad vapour flavour, leaking, no vape clouds etc.) and replace it.

Antibacterial – the silver ion material of the VMate Pod body has a 99% antibacterial rate so bacteria won’t stick to it.

Anti-light – pod grip panels reflect light to protect against light deterioration of e-liquid.

Good flavour – both the 0.7 and 1.2 ohm pods are built for good vapour flavour and throat hit from any e-liquid, with low vape cloud production.

Opaque body to see your e-liquid level – avoid vaping on an empty pod and prematurely burning the pod’s coil.

Fills from the side – lift the rubber plug on the side of the VMate Pod and fill with vape juice. A thin nozzle fits the best.

Leak resistant – made to isolate condensation and have a balanced air intake from both sides for less leakage.

Pod grip – ridged front and back ovals provide grip for easy removal.

Secure install – strong magnets hold the pod in place.

MTL vaping – draw vapour to your mouth, hold briefly, then inhale to your lungs, like the draw of those disgusting cigarettes (no judgement, we were all smokers at Vape World). You’ll get a tight to loose MTL draw, depending on which kit you vape with, thanks to the VMate Pod's slim mouthpiece bore and high-resistance, low-wattage built-in coils.

Please note:


As always, remember to prime new pods. Fill pods with e-juice, then let them sit for around five minutes before vaping to saturate the coil cotton and avoid getting dry hits.


0.7 or 1.2 ohm coil built in

Material: main part - PCTG, silver ion

E-liquid capacity: 3mL

Fill e-liquid from the side

99% antibacterial rate


Designed for VMate Infinity Edition, VMate, VMate E and V.Thru Pod Kits.


2 x VooPoo VMate Cartridge V2 Pods (3mL



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