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The second generation of the Ocean Hookah Kaif comes to you with a unique blow off system. It is no longer necessary to rebuild the hookah's blow-off system. You can change the direction of the blow-off at will during the session. Simply turn the charcoal plate to the left or right as far as it will go and the upper or lower valve will open.

As always, all individual parts of the Kaif are made of V2A stainless steel which have been PVD coated. Exceptions are the sleeves, which are made from acrylic, polished and varnished with a transparent high gloss finish.

Scope of delivery:

– Head adapter (V2A)

– Blow-off plate with large ocean star laser engraving (V2A)

– Blow-Off system consisting of 6 individual parts (V2A)

– charcoal plate

– Smoke stem inner tube (V2A)

– 1x sleeve smoke stem (acrylic)

– Base engraved (V2A)

– Hose connection including O-rings (V2A)

– 2x bowl seal thick / thin (silicone)

– Downstem (V2A)

– Diffuser (V2A)

– Bowl (glass)

– Mouthpiece (V2A / acrylic)

– Carry Travel Bag


Note: Due to production, there may be air pockets in the bowl. The color of the sleeves cannot be influenced and may differ from the product image! It is not a reason for a complaint.

Assembly video: CLICK

No tobacco head included.

Height ~39cm


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